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maangalyammatrimony.com is an Indian matrimonial site. With regard to the information collected from you, we are strongly committed to your privacy. This section covers maangalyammatrimony.com's privacy statement that highlights how we handle personally identifiable information that maangalyammatrimony.com collects when you are on our site

1. What information does maangalyammatrimony.com collect from me?

  • To offer the best-in-class matrimonial service to our members, we collect details that include, but may not be limited to, your name, Date of Birth, email address, user-specified password, mailing address, and contact number. The information also includes details such as marital status, special cases.
  • In the case of membership upgrade, we also collect payment details such as credit card details, billing address, and expiration date.
  • maangalyammatrimony.com also allows profiles to be created by friends/relatives/siblings. If such individuals do not wish this information to be displayed, she/he has the option to request removal of such information after providing the necessary evidence that the information pertains to her/him.
  • In addition to the above, the site also collects information that is not personally identifiable, such as browser type and IP address. However, this information is gathered for all users to the site.

2. How does maangalyammatrimony.com use the information it collects/tracks?

  • maangalyammatrimony.com collects information from members to ensure effective partner search.
  • Public information supplied by members is used by visitors for searching and matching purposes. All members are identified by the unique Pin Point profile ID supplied at the time of registration.
  • Members have an option of providing their telephone number and contact person's name as part of their contact details. However contact details of members are displayed only to premium members.
  • Users email address is used to verify the account and to send system mails on behalf of other members. We may also use user's email address to send news regarding our site, but the users may choose not to receive such emails by unsubscribing
  • At the time of upgrading the membership from basic to premium, financial information such as credit card details, billing address, date of expiry is collected to bill the user for products and services. All other private information submitted by the user is confidential and is not disclosed except as required by law or to protect members of maangalyammatrimony.com.

3. With whom does maangalyammatrimony.com share the information it collects/tracks?

  • All member information, public or private, is not shared with any individual or organization without the member's formal approval, except as described above - the contact number and email address is visible to paid members of the site, however each paid member can only view a certain maximum number of members contact details.
  • By using the website and/or registering yourself at maangalyammatrimony.com you authorize us & our associate partners to contact you via email or phone call and offer you their services for the product you have opted for, imparting product knowledge, offer promotional offers running on website & offers offered by the associated third parties. And Irrespective of the fact if also you have registered yourself under DND or DNC service, you still authorize us to give you a call from maangalyammatrimony.com & associate partners for the above mentioned purposes

4. will I know of changes in maangalyammatrimony.com privacy policy?

  • Any major changes to our privacy policy will be notified to our members through a notice on our homepage. Any changes in the use of information provided by the users to maangalyammatrimony.com will be notified to the user through email. We will give you a choice as to whether or not we can use information in this different manner and act accordingly.

5. How secure is my financial information on maangalyammatrimony.com?

  • While upgrading to premium membership, the system asks you to enter sensitive financial information (such as a credit card number). Such information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.
  • In addition to using SSL encryption to protect sensitive financial information online, all information provided by the user is kept confidential even within the official functioning of maangalyammatrimony.com.

6. How does maangalyammatrimony.com ensure my privacy in their communication with me?

  • maangalyammatrimony.com uses email as the preferred mode of communication with its members to help you find your perfect partner. As a maangalyammatrimony.com member, you are automatically subscribed to all these emails. However, at any time, you can unsubscribe from maangalyammatrimony.com's email service using your email manager

7. Information you Provide

  • When using our site and services, you may provide information about yourself, such as name, address, phone, mobile, and e-mail. This may occur when you register on maangalyammatrimony.com. Some of this information may be shown or shared to other users by you or by us.
  • While you are registered on maangalyammatrimony.com you may receive communication from us in any form like email, sms or other mailing or communication models.
  • maangalyammatrimony.com along with their affiliates and associated sites, hold the complete control on the following items,

  • Registration and user accounts
  • User database
  • Feature and product expansions
  • Data Sharing
  • The website maangalyammatrimony.com will send you SMS alerts if you opt for services on our site, even if you are registered on the DNC or DND service, since these are transactional messages important for you in your interaction with the site maangalyammatrimony.com and it's services. If you do not wish to receive SMSs from maangalyammatrimony.com please send an email to address mentioned at the end of this document.

8. How do I contact maangalyammatrimony.com?

  • If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, please email us admin@maangalyammatrimony.com Thanks,

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